Lube for replay-pro and velocity


Hello everybody! Recently I bought two yoyos from yoyofactory (replay pro and velocity) and I’ve got a few questions about them :slight_smile:

First of all I bought vaul oil (Windcraft Premium Valve Oil Various Quantities Available | eBay this one in speceific) and, will this work to make my replay pro unresponsive?

Second, because my velocity yoyo is made to be responsive and unresponsive at the same time, what kind of lube should I put on it? would the valve oil work for it? :slight_smile:


Dose the replay have an unresponsive bearing?


If you are referring to musical instrument valve oil, that is fine. Also fishing reel or gun lube works.

You can find more info here:
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You can use the same lube in any yoyo.


Yes, it got a C Size unresponsive bearing.