New to YoYo'ing, some random thoughts

I am new here, and thought I would write out some observations of mine and see if I can get some interesting comments in return :stuck_out_tongue:

So its been 17 years since I first got my Yomega X-brain and shortly after a Yomega Fireball. I learned to do a couple simple tricks (walk the dog, around the world, baby’s cradle) and shortly got bored of the sport a month or so later because I didn’t know more advanced tricks existed.

So a month ago I picked up a Yomega “Pro-Mod” while taking my two nieces to a toy-store. I wanted to go down nostalgia lane :smiley: I looked up what some of the modern tricks looked like and was blown away… Double or nothing, which seemed like magic to me when I first saw, now seems so simple, even though I still have problems with execution ;D

for some reason the “Pro-Mod” worked well for me for the first couple days because it returned (it is an unresponsive yo-yo, I didnt know what that meant- and its not supposed to respond at all) Once it stopped responding reliably, for who knows what reason, I figured I needed to get a beginner Yo.

So I picked up a “Fast 201” because I heard it was a good beginner Yo. This was a terrible decision … I had outgrown that yo-yo before I even did my first throw. The “starburst” system makes it extremely hard to do even a trapeze.

Then I got the replay responsive. To me, this thing is so slick- a bright, translucent green that weighs much less than the Yomega, spins almost as long, and is much more stable on the string.

That lasted for about two weeks before the spins seemed to lose their effectiveness. I picked up some high speed lube (I wanted to tone down the responsiveness as I started to get into string tricks), and applied very little to the bearing. I dont know if its because it didnt need oil or what, but now this Yo is really hard to do any string tricks on… The max I can sleep it for is about 15 seconds, which is too weak to be stable on the string. And it also responds TOO easily… causing me to have quite a few bruised up knuckles. >:(

Now I just got the replay pro and all of the tricks I was struggling with before are so easy to do. Split the Atom, Double or nothing, drop in the bucket, double trapezes, remounting, etc. I am on such a high.

I guess now I just need a couple friends to play with. I am doing this alone at the moment- and none of my friends are interested in trying to Yo, despite my attempts.

I also suspect, though I will get a metal yo down the line, I will always play with plastic. To me the fun is in the show, and the bright translucent colors look really cool in motion.

Are anyone elses beginner experiences as crazy as mine? Four Yo-yo’s in a month to settle in?

Adding lube will increase response in most cases. Seems counter-intuitive but it’s true. Also even unresponsive yoyos will have response pads, and in some cases will return responsively. I like the pro mods to just toss around every now and again, but you have to find the setup you prefer with them.
Good luck getting others interested in yoyoing. I’ve tried on several occasions but it’s definitely not going to appeal to most, unfortunately. Best to find folks already into it, if you’re interested in yoyoing company. Best of luck


Well first off, just like you I too began with a Yomega Xbrain that I received for Christmas almost 6 years ago and that led me to buying the Yomega Fireball as well. Although the Fast 201 is good, it is quite noisy but it is easily adjustable to make you get a few seconds of sleep time at least. You want to stay away from the heavy or thick lubricants for bearings, since these will slow down your bearings a lot. Try some of the specific lubricants made by yo-yo companies, such as Yoyofactory or Yoyojam thin lubes, these work very well if used appropriately. When I made my way into bearing yo-yo’s I first got the Duncan Freehand which works well responsive for string tricks and sleeps for a while too, not to mention it also comes with a counterweight for 5a play. The only down side was the friction sticker reponse which are a pain to buy when they wear out. Yeah I too play alone, no one in my area is really interested in this amazing hobby, but it really makes me stand out which I like. Other than that Good luck and have fun my friend!

Just wait, before you know it you’ll be doing the expert/master level tricks on this site and making your own! When I started out I thought it’d be impossible for me to ever learn the matrix but now I’ve passed the Master section of this site and am doing my own stuff :slight_smile:

yup i had similar experiences except I dove in head first and spent around 200 bucks on a hand full of different yoyo’s from yyojam lyn fury to a yoyofactory yukki spencer 401k then on to the hspin good and evil3 and pyro. I eventually had to sell most of my yoyo’s for school ( maddening) dropped the hobby for about4 years and decided i wanted to get back into it and have been throwing ever since. WELCOME to the community by the way! glad you are here! Finding someone to throw with is tough especially if you live some where, where not alot of people throw. i wish ye the best on your yoyo journey. It will bring you lots of fun!

Hello, and welcome aboard!

Sounds like many of your issues could be solved by understanding yoyo maintenance. Here is a great place to look for info and answers:,17792.0.html

I also wish I had other yoers to hang out with, but maybe I haven’t tried hard enough lately. Check this board out:,4.0.html Maybe there’s a get-together in your area.

Look forward to seeing you around here!

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checking out those resources now…

Thanks guys for the warm welcome! I cant wait to get started with some of the other styles… 4A in particular, then 2a, and 5a eventually…