Which is the smoothest?

One of those would be the smoothest.
Only one way to find out. Buy them all.

I have a Superstar and it’s super smooth. A friend also has a Superstar and it’s super smooth.

I don’t have the others, I can’t comment.

The Aware is very smooth. And awesome. And cool looking. But I would swap out the string if you get it. Graou string seems a bit too thin for this particular yoyo for me.

how smooth is this? Is it smoother than DV888?

Or battosai?


those two can’t be compared, it’s like comparing a porsche 911 with a honda civic, the civic’s a great car, but a 911 is something else.

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I’m sure they are all smooth and play awesome, but I’m here to tell you that the Primo is amazing. Very underrated.

My Superstar is one of my favourite throws. Smooth, grinds for days and handles even better when you play it without the hubstacks. The Aware is great as well but it feels very different to just about every other yoyo so it might be something to try out before you buy if possible. I’m pretty sure I’ve also played a mate’s Primo before but I can’t recall whether I liked it or not.