YYF Space cowboy vibe?


Just got a space cowboy from YYE yesterday and there is a bit more than I use to vibe
Is that normal?
I got the US flag version


Does it have much when you smooth it out with your finger and the run your fingernail against it? If not then it’s normal. My space cowboy is extremely smooth but because of the extreme rim weight it can be a little trickier to get a smooth throw.

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I second this. Mine is dead smooth with the finger test, but nearly every throw has at least a bit of vibe, until strings rubbing the walls in tricks settles it down. It’s just a difficult yoyo to throw dead smooth consistently.

should ask ledave, pretty much the same problem when he get his space cowboy

I noticed a slight vibe on the red one I got. Nothing that affected performance though.

I don’t own one but the 2 that I’ve thrown were dead smooth. If its not from your throw contact YYE they’ll get it sorted out for you

^^ Not so hasty, Erik! There’s no retail promise of “your yoyo will be dead smooth or your money back”…

If it’s a wobbling pulsing mess after ensmoothening (sic) with finger… they or YYF might feel obliged to help you out. But a bit of light vibe shouldn’t be the end of the world and shouldn’t necessitate a refund or replacement.


But it seems like most of the time YYE is happy to help out. But you are right it really does depend on how much vibe.

Rim weighted yo-yos can be a little more sensitive to an imperfect throw which may look like the yo-yo is vibrating badly. Does the yo-yo smooth out with the fingernail test? If you throw it down and touch it with your fingernail does the vibe stop?

If so, then it’s just a matter of practicing and getting used to throwing that particular yo-yo.

if not, then there may be an issue with the yo-yo. Give us a call or send an email and we can help you out.

I’m talking about finger test
It’s not that bad but worse than other throws I have

Is it visible vibe ?

Or just feelable

Just feelable

If it’s only feel-able when doing the fingernail test then I suggest you stop feeling the yoyo with your fingernail and just play it instead.