YYF Shutter Bearing questions.

I have the YYF shutter, it is my first unresponsive throw. Now ive got a metal drifter that is unresponsive and a Popstar. i have a twisted trifecta bearing that i put in my Shutter then i learned a few new tricks including Matrix. I put the YYF bearing back in the shutter and tried matrix and the yoyo got all tilted a little into the trick. My metal drifter with its flat bearing can do matrix fine. my popstar is in the same boat as my shutter. So my question is does the shutter need a grooved/concaved bearing or am i just doing the trick really sloppily?

It’s probably that you’re doing your tricks sloppily. No bearing is going to drastically improve a yoyo like that, at least when going from a high quality bearing to another high quality bearing.

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yea I think your just doing the tricks kinda sloppy

Just keep practicing and you’ll get better

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As the others have said, your trick is just sloppy. I used to have the same problem with all tricks. “Unsloppyness” comes with practice and time, I promise. Whatever you do though, do NOT get any kind of centering bearing, such as the KonKave or the Center-Trac bearing. The only time when I think you should use those bearings (if you want to) is when you learn how to play non-sloppily. I feel that if you use them while learning, it will somewhat baby you, and that is the last thing you want in yoying because when you go to use a yoyo one day without a centering bearing, you MIGHT be sloppy with it still. Maybe not as much because you have some experience, but, still though…

Good luck! And nice job picking the Shutter. :wink:

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