Recommend me a good bearing for my Shutter

Hi guys, once again, apologize if this topic is not in the appropriate section. I wanted to ask what’s the best bearing to pair with my future Shutter to ensure maximum performance?
I’m eyeing on 3 different bearing currently:
Dif-E-Yo KonKave Bearing, DS Bearing or Center Trac- Bearing Gold
Any other suggestion is appreciated,let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Trifecta! I love that bearing because 1. Its a 10 ball bearing 2. Its Konkaved 3. An its grooved

Its out of stock now but it shouldn’t bee too long before YYE gets them again.

Gold centertrak


I have had problems with said Trifecta bearing, as it seems to bunch up the string and bind often when the yoyo is sitting on a trapeze. same thing to a lesser extent with the konkave. center trac Is the best ive tried.

Huh I’ve never had any of those problems with all 3 of my Trifecta’s. Did you put too much lube in?

The center track bearing that is included with some of the Shutters plays real well.

Is there any center track 10 balls bearing? All of those center track that I viewed are flat bearing

There is either something wrong with the bearing, or your doing something wrong.


Where can I get CT-X bearing?
All of the website I visited doesn’t have stock :v
ANW, what about DS bearing?

Lolol you gotta love those admin edits

I have 5+ of each, I doubt its the beating. Ive tried both lubed and dry. same exact test with a center trac or flat bearing but no bunching up.