What type of bearing is the best for yyf shutter?

Guys I have a yoyofactory shutter and what is the best bearing for it??? Concave or the CTX??

It depends on you.

Did your Shutter not come with a Center Trac or was it a Flat YYF Bearing? Any of the KonKaves or Center Trac (X or non-X)'s should play very well, giving you more spin than you will probably need. There is a lot to choose from, I would consider how much you want to spend and what performance you wish to gain.

Lots of Bearings.

You may want to consider a Golden Bearing or a Ceramic Bearing for a little added oomph, if you already have a CT.

Golden Center Trac Bearing

KonKave Ceramic

Crucial also makes a String Centering Bearing which looks promising for the price point. One Drop appears to make the best Flat Bearing, I am sure it is very good… I just never have a chance to get it because it says its never in stock.

The Golden Bearings are amazing, will out spin any other bearing I have used, and are reasonably priced. But I think the KonKave Ceramic may be the best value for the money as I can confirm they last a long time and play great if kept up.

the one that came in it is fine


Subjectivity is king; but most would agree/prefer to a concave bearing to be “the best”

What yo-yopro listed are basically the very good ones.
But not the best :slight_smile:

My shutter came with center track on it. Thanks for the recommendation tho’

I just got a shutter a few weeks ago too, the center trac bearing thats stock with it its really good, i personally wouldnt go and put an expensive bearing in a 45 dollar throw…

the terrapin xplay delta ceramic…i fit one to mine…amazing difference