My Shutter is "Hiccupping"

I got a Shutter this Christmas, and it worked perfectly until yesterday. What happens now is that it makes its usual sound for a few seconds, then all the sudden its still spinning but it has literally NO sound, and when it has no sound at all, it all the sudden becomes 100% responsive. I tried changing the string, looked at the bearing to see if there was anything on it, as well as looking at the stickers to see if anything was on it, but it was perfectly normal. I’ll take a video if you would like me to, if that’ll help. And I didn’t notice this problem until my inexperienced brother started to play around with it <(-_-)>.

It’s the bearing.

Definitely the bearing

Usually this means you got something in the bearing. It can be cleaned but I would recommend just getting a new bearing since the spec isn’t the best of bearings, if you put a CenterTrac in it you would see a major improvement.

R.I.P Shutter bearing

Sounds like your due for a new one

Might be a good time to try out other bearings you normally don’t use to see if you like any others

Well what other bearings could the Shutter use other than the YYF one? I don’t want to use a Center Trac or a Konkave bearing, because I don’t want to be babied even in the slightest. Do skateboard bearings work by any chance? Haha.

Get a one drop 10 ball …

Best flat bearing out there

Ah yes. Before I forget, is there a difference between an 8 ball and a 10 ball?

An 8 ball bearing has 8 ball bearings, and a 10 ball bearing has 10 ball bearings.

10ball is suppose to be faster and quieter

And smoother and longer spinning

I concur that it is your bearing. I also concur that if you’re going to stick with a flat bearing get a 10Ball by One Drop. If you’ve never experienced it…well, get ready for the ride of your life. They’re amazing.

Do skateboard bearings work?

They would have to be the same size …

.250 .500 .187
I believe

No skateboard bearings do not work.

Yoyo’s use pretty unusual sizes as far as mass produced bearings are concerned.

To give an exact explanation of what is happening. Your bearing is locking up. There could be a number of reasons why but that’s the jist of it.

You can buy them at a hobby shop - RC department.
.250 ID .500 OD .187 W (inches)
Take the original with to compare size.

You know if I were you I would just get a bearing thats meant for yoyoing intead of trying to use a skate board bearing

YYF bearings normally last 10 minutes for me… They are so cheaply made.

Your bearing is locked up. Use the paper cleaning method. It has unlocked many bearings for me and it might just work for you.;topic=23234.0