My Shutter is "Hiccupping"

And I’m guessing your CLYW bearings last forever.
News Flash They are the same bearing.

Its not necessarily babying, many regular throwers and pros alike use string centering bearings. It improves the stability of your throw a bit and increases the sleep time a bit as well, it’s like giving your yoyo a small upgrade.

Using an Anglam instead of a PSG isn’t babying.

Using Toxic strings instead of standard poly isn’t babying.

Using a KK bearing instead of a flat isn’t babying.

I personally would prefer to have a yoyo go off to the side without a string centering bearing and creating my own technique rather than having a string centering bearing because if I go somewhere and pick up a yoyo that does not have a CT or a KK bearing, then I bet I would mess up more and do worse.

Just so you know, CTs and KKs are not THAT magical.

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You mean to tell me the shutter ships with CTX?

He’s right. A they don’t fix a bad throw. You still need to throw straight.

2 things one if u use a center track or a konkave you are not babying ur self or th throw
and 2 ten balls are great but my personal favorite and what i have in the shutter is a buddah ripple bearing its like 10 buck if u can find it for 7 get it but 8-10 is the going rate those are personal favorites within my 3 years of throwing

Can you translate that into English for us?

Ahh i wish i had the money for CLYW. I just have one thru a trade. I’m no fanboy… I picked around inside of them. The bearing race is almost made of tin foil. And they feel gritty. and i’m not just bad mouthing, it has been consistent with all of my Spec Bearings.

I honestly don’t see the difference. The ten ball from OD does look shinier, but thats it. My Buddha ripple played godly for a couple weeks but I did not maintain it. Thats the only bearing that has ever stood out to me.

So now a OD 10 ball or YYF’s new SPEC X, which says that it’s is “better”. I can’t get anything that’s not on this website, because I have gift certificates for this site.

Either will work. If you get a YYF throw you can get a CTX for five bucks haha.

my point exactly