Shutter suddenly wobbling!!!

So I got one of the new silver shutters about a month ago and I always take it apart and deshield the bearing, clean and re lube it. When I unscrewed it I noticed that it was alittle on the harder side to unscrew and the first few turns I could hear a squeaking sound, as if the axle or the female threads were stripped. I checked both and they seemed fine but it was kind of tough to put it back together and the final few turns it squeaked again. I didn’t really think anything of it, just thought it was a nice right seal.

Fast forward to today.

I noticed the shutter was acting somewhat responsive so I decided to clean the bearing. When I unscrewed it the squeaking was still there. Still didn’t think anything of it. So I cleaned the bearing and went to put it back together. This time the final few turns were really hard to turn and when I couldn’t go anymore the bearing still wasn’t flush with the seats. So I gripped and really turned it now it’s very responsive and it’s got a mean wobble and vibe.

WTF did I do and what happened??? This has never happened to any yoyo I’ve had before and I’m not really sure what my next step should be.

Can anyone shine any light on my situation?

When my yoyos squawk, I unscrew the yoyo and then take the axle out and put the tiniest bit of lube in the hole where the axle goes. Also, if a yoyo is SUUUPPPEERRR hard to turn, DONT TURN IT. You WILL strip your yoyo or mess it up. Hope this helps somehow.

For some reason I fell like the bearing is getting stuck and the seats aren’t letting it turn freely like it should. And I still don’t know what’s causing the wobbling

Turned out to be the bearing!!!

Glad your shutter works well again!


Yoyofactory bearing seats are famous for being notoriously tight and squeak

Be careful not to force the yoyo too much or you’ll strip the axle