YYF Severe or The V by YoYoAddict

I’m deciding between those 2 YoYo’s.


The V is by sOMEThING, not YoyoAddict

Okay, any preferences?



Okay, keep em coming!

Severe, your very impatient. >:( stop bumping also we can see it.

I haven’t tried the v but i got a severe for christmas and i love it.super smooth(especially for a plastic), medium weight,and great for counter weight.

Which 2? Oh, right. The ones you didn’t also mention in the body of the message.

Let me preserve that for historical purposes:

The OP is trying to decide between the YYF Severe or The V by YoYoAddict

I have no interest in the Severe. I do have a V and I like it. It does have this kind of hollow feel though because of the way it’s designed. Other than that, it’s a good performer.

Thanks guys! Sorry for being impatient! I’ll work on that! I’ll probably get the Severe! Thanks!

I haven’t tried the Delrin Severe but the V is hands down my most favorite delrin yoyo so far. Being built out of Anglam it plays fast and smooth and has amazing stability. I don’t know if The Vs from the new run have this issue or not but my The V from the first run has the cap popping issue, like it or not after playing with it for a while the caps will pop out a bit. If you push them back carelessly the cap will be distorted, causing the vibeness. Also removing the caps are very difficult because they are extremely tight

The V!

The V.

Hands down.

Foot down.

Heads up. (?)

Also, it’s “The V by sOMEThING presented by YoYoAddict”.

severe dead smooth, great shape, very stable. Good on the horizontal, (I learned banana turnover on it)great for when it’s cold out. One time run