What do u guys think about the SOMETHING V?


Haven’t seen one post about it!!! How is it?

It was modeled after the Anglam!!! Sounds like it could have huge potential!


Its super agile and fast but you have to throw a bit harder.


Feels more like modeled after the Angle.

Great V-shaped delrin. Good for grinds since it’s delrin. Fast, sturdy, stable, but a bit hollow feeling due to how the caps can be removed and the inside is in fact hollow. The caps can come loose and/or can be removed and reversed, so the yoyo requires frequent inspections.

I really enjoy this yoyo a lot. No regrets, no issues, no problems. Extremely reasonably priced based on how it performs.


Ur back???

How’s the spin time? Would u take it over a 3yp3 cosmo?


No, I’m not fully back. Better now?

Spin time is great. Not quite as good as say my Anglam, or most of my metal yoyos, but we’re talking more than sufficient spin times to get me through whatever I want to get through for the time being.

Would I take it over a 3Yo3 Cosmo? I can’t say. I haven’t tried one. I do have a different 3Yo3 acrylic yoyo, and I will say I do prefer the V over that by a long shot. Is someone selling a 3Yo3 Cosmo in clear with an RTV silicone response?


No I have a rainbow cosmo


Would u take it over an alpha crash? What are your feelings on the alpha crash?