Which delrin yoyo is the best in your opinion? I’m considering one of these three- god tricks mystery, delrin severe, and sOMEThING the V. I can buy one of these. (No C3 halo :frowning: ) Any opinions? Oh, and I want a speedy, and good-for-horizontal yoyo, not too heavy.

if you like the anglam, get the V.

I love the anglam however I cannot buy it. Mainly I would be choosing between severe and the V. Are both fast? Also, which yoyo would be generally better?

Why not? While it seems like a lot, a working adult can scrounge together $300.

He said, “If you like the Anglam” (if the Anglam is your preference in a perfect world!) “then get the V” (out of your options, the V is the closest you will get).

It was a recommendation for the V. Not for the Anglam. :wink:

Don’t forget about 3Yo3.

The V for sure. It is everything you just described: Fast, good for horizontal and not too heavy.

If Chase had ever takenn off, I would recommend Contagious Yoyos.

But he didnt. He only made one. It rocks.

Anyways, The delly severe is a great choice.