yyf protege?

does anybody know how it’s possible to get into the yoyofactory protege team or the yoyojam apprentice team?

be good. get noticed. be asked to join.

that really is how It’s done. you don’t ask to get sponsored, (protege and apprentice are virtually just junior sponsorships) they ask you to be sponsored. compete, make vids, be a well known person in the community.

You know you’re good enough when they come to you. You don’t come to them; asking will just make them stay away from you. You don’t want to live up to your username, right?

Mentioning the yoyojam thing in the same sentence makes you ineligable to be a Protege.



true. I was just trying to see if anyone here was on it and I was trying to see what they’ve done in the community that may have influenced anything.

poo. :frowning:

An easier way of saying this is asking how to get a junior sponsorship

Ok, this has to be the greatest post I’ve read in a while.

Don’t do this! ^


Check out John Narum’s post: http://yyjfiles.blogspot.com/2012/07/how-to-get-sponsored-from-sponsored.html

It is really helpful and John is a great yoyo player.

The bigger questions is why you would want to be in those teams?
They are great opportunities to be considered, but it does limit your use of throws as well as puts you at the hands of the company over you.

For some this works out well, but it is something to take into consideration.

Number one bit of advice I can give though, would be to make sure that you don’t ask for it. They come to you, never the other way around. Same as sponsors of any other sport or hobby, they are asked through invite.

Just keep throwing what you throw and don’t worry about any sort of sponsorships, if you are having fun, doing it right, they will come to you.


as always, the seductive fox is wisest. thanks for the induced realization there :smiley: