Yoyo jam Apprentice???

Hey Ive seen shirts that say yoyojam apprentice do you guys know where to become an apprentice or how???

Have skill. Show it off. Get noticed. You’re an apprentice.

hahaha, but really do you know?

ask yoyojam about a spponsorship if you want one.

yoyojam.com is where you can find all that stuff

Ok thanks

That was actually a really good answer. I believe a yyj apprentice is similar to a yoyofactory protege. Ask Alex Lee about it. Hes one.

  1. Be a good person
  2. Be yourself, don’t ask for sponsorship
  3. Keep getting better at yo-yoing
  4. HAve big goals set for yourself.
  • John
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Great advice there. Best to focus on your play and skill and less about worrying about getting sponsored. There are many people in the community who are not on a team but are well known. You make a place for yourself in this community by knowing your stuff, being an amazing person and often it just takes giving back to the community to get well known.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

I wanted to just add that if you want to be sponsored there is nothing wrong with that, just that when it comes down to it any “pro” in any field will tell you that they focused on not being a “pro” but at being one of the best at whatever they were passionate about. If you only think of being sponsored it can take up so much valuable throw time. So best to throw, learn and perfect your own style for yourself and you will be noticed.

Its a relatively small community we are part of with ages young and old. We are all here for one another for the most part and we notice those who put their heart into it.

Good luck!!!

I wouldn’t ask if I were you. Just practice, practice, practice. Start going to contests and making a name for yourself. Contribute to the yoyoing community. Just have fun. If you start getting good enough people will start to notice you and maybe even yoyojam will.

Ok thanks.

Get to now the yoyoing crowd…be good I guess? Idk, a kid a MWRs was sponsored…he was pretty awesome…scratch that, he was amazing, but he also seemed to know all of the Yoyojam guys. Also, impress people with crazy tricks. I hope to be sponsored but I am trying to be realistic… There are a lot of yoyoers in the world.