Getting sponsored

How good do you guys think you would have to be to at least enter an apprentice program in any yoyo company?

That’s a video by someone who is already sponsored which gives you just about all the information you need. By seeing how to get sponsored it gives you an idea of “how good” people have to be. Even though there is no set skill level.

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For the big companies like CLYW and YYF, you need to have a really big presence online, in the competition circuit, or both. Basically, many people have to be familiar with your name because it’s ultimately beneficial for the marketing of the company.

For smaller up-and-coming companies, they sponsor people that have some clout in the yoyoing community, but I do see that they often take relatively unknown throwers who have potential to bring some brand recognition.

Ultimately to answer your question, you have to be good, post online, and do well in competition - if you do all of these things, you may catch the eye of a company owner. :slight_smile:

And how would you make presence online? Youtube? Social Media?

Basically make a name for yourself. Maybe you like making video tutorials for beginner tricks, or maybe you like videography and make contest videos, etc. When people start talking “hey check out connorspears’s tutorials, he got some awesome stuff in there”.
For some companies, skill doesn’t matter, but you have to be known or special in a way.
Some newer companies from China hold video auditions to let you in, but keep in mind that since they are new you might have to pay the shipping and problems tend to happen more often, I have some friends who do that so I know what I’m talking about.
And lastly, as I said in pretty much every “how to get sponsored” thread, don’t accept sponsorship from companies you don’t absolutely love. It’s not about getting free yoyos and get away with it, you have to represent the company and in itself it’s not free.

Make memorable videos on YouTube - don’t post a simple trick video in your bedroom using an iPhone. Try to differentiate yourself from other yoyoers.

Post the video on yoyo groups on Facebook. Yoyo forums were extremely popular in the early 2010s and most of the yoyo community communicated through them. However, the majority now use Facebook to share videos and discuss.

Don’t underestimate the #trickcircle. Post on Instagram, try to gain followers and establish yourself a following.

Above all, yoyo because you love it. Don’t yoyo just to get sponsored, you’ll no doubt be disappointed.

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I would also like to add another thing. I think another big part is being a positive member in the community. A company probably wouldn’t sponsor someone that is always bashing on other people or bring a negative vibe to the community. So basically, be positive and nice :smiley:

Also another video talking about sponsorships. Hope it helps:

Focus on playing and not being sponsored. That will get you closer to the goal.


even tho im a previous state champ, this is what i live by in throwing

im in it for every aspect of fun. :smiley:

This. Every sponsored player I’ve watched seems to love and enjoy throwing. Once I heard a big name player respond to the question "how long do you practice every day? The answer – “I play for a few hours everyday, it is more of an addiction, something I want & need to do, not something I have to do.”

Enjoy playing yoyo, learn tricks and the rest might fall into place

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Also, don’t worry about your “status” or proving yourself in the community. (Even if you got mad skills)

Having fun with this toy is really what it’s all about. Anything else is gonna make you very frustrated in the long run.

Easier said then done, however :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well said. Couldn’t agree more.