How do sponsored yoyoers become sponsored?


I’m just really interested in this question. Also, what are the most popular ways of becoming sponsored? Thanks ;D


Compete. Win. Get noticed. Your sponsored.

Unless you compete, you chances of being sponsored are ridiculously low. Even when you compete your chances are ridiculously low. You have to be one of the top players out there to be sponsored by a legit company.

(Owen) #3

Thats not actually true…

Graeme Steller doesnt compete that well, but promotes very well.

Zammy doesnt compete that much either, but both of these fellers are sponsored

Lots of people on Duncan crew dont compete that well (Brandon Jackson, Jake Maloney), but they promote the product of their company so very well, so the competition part doesnt really matter.

What companies look for is a yoyoer who reps their throws and can promote a yoyo from their company; But its not like they wouldnt want to sponsor a world champ.

A good example of a good competitor who isnt sponsored would be Michael Stecz. He comes in the top five at almost every contset he goes to, and he isnt sponsored.

SO, that being said, if you want to be sponsored, be a good promoter. Make people WANT to buy a product from a company.

(And to the people mentioned who dont “Compete well”, you guys are still killer at yoyoing.)

(rizkiyoist) #4

either one of these:
-Winning competitions or placing high in contests.
-Really helpful to the community.
-Cool player who constantly make nice videos.
-Having higher than average skill and being innovative.
-Having good knowledge about yoyoing, making tutorials/reviews.
-Being able to design yoyos or having a great knowledge in yoyo crafting/modding.
-The manufacturer like your personality or been a good friend of yours.
-Any other reason, mostly as long as you can influence other people buy their yoyos, it should be enough.

If you’re actually asking what do the manufacturers do/say to the players they want to sponsor, there are many different ways actually. Some are just like, “Hey you’re so cool, I’ll let you use our products if you like”, then boom sponsored. I knew Iskandar who owns Diamont Noir sponsor some of the players in my country just to support them to grow.

To be sponsored, you don’t even have to meet them in person.

(SR) #5

Be a good yoyoer.

(Owen) #6


NO !@#$$#@ WAY!

(Steve Brown) #7

Best way to get sponsored is to get noticed. And the best way to get noticed is to create a reputation for yourself as being someone who is engaged, interesting, creative, and prolific in ways that a yo-yo company can see benefit in having you representing their brand.

There’s no formula to this. Be the kind of player that you can say “I can bring this, this, and this to your company team” and the companies will notice. They’re always looking.


I didn’t say that it didn’t happen, but you have to admit that it almost never happens. Competing is the best way to get noticed, and if you don’t compete, its even harder, so my point is still valid.

Also, Brandon Jackson does compete. i was just at a contest that he competed in.

(Brandon Jackson) #9

I believe he was saying that I don’t compete “well”. Granted I’ve never placed higher than 5th in 1A, but in 2012 I have placed higher in other divisions…

Mid-East Regional Yo-Yo Contest 3rd Place 2A
Mid-East Regional Yo-Yo Contest 4thPlace 5A
Tennessee State Yo-Yo Contest 1st Place 2A
Illinois State Yo-Yo Contest 4th Place Dual

To stay on topic…
First and foremost make a name for yourself. I don’t actually mean a nickname, but make yourself a positive thought when someone hears your name. You can do this in many ways…

-Competing - Winning certainly gets you noticed but many players are sponsored even though they don’t win often, or at all. But are still active in the contest scene, and being a good sport while doing so
-Be influential as both a player, and person in the scene in all aspects (creating tricks, supporting others, etc)
-Creating clip videos/tutorials
-Organizing events
-Organizing clubs
-Being active/supporting the scene

To sum it up, Make a company want to sponsor you by giving them a reason to. Remember that companies only sponsor those who will represent their brand responsibly.

(Chase Baxter) #10

Having fun.