are there any yoyo companies that are sponsoring at the moment. And what is the best yoyo trick that you made that you feel is most likely to get you sponsored. Haha just fun topic for the day.

My understanding is yoyo companies are always on the lookout for new players. However, it isn’t just about what tricks you can do, but about what you bring to the table for the company. Certainly talent is important, but, so is personality and your own brand. Companies don’t want a liability, someone who will put the company’s reputation at risk due to bad decisions in real life and/or in Internet/social media life. I’ve read (from people I believe are sponsored) that putting yourself out there, having a good presence & personality, and being willing and able to give back more than you get from your sponsor are what makes someone a good candidate for sponsorship.

Of course take this with a grain of salt as I’ve never been sponsored and my source of information is Internet forums … Which are always true :grin:


^^ What French said is true. It’s about you and your image, and what you contribute more than your skills, though that counts.

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NO yoyo trick that you made will get you sponsored.

Sponsors are not sold by your best yoyo trick.

Sponsors are sold on the sum of what you do: showmanship, personality, mad skills, how you interact with others, team player mindset, self starter, and a dozen other factors may come into play.

Most players that eventually get sponsored have one common. They don’t ask to be sponsored.

The Sponsors seek them out when their potential is recognized.

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Thumb grinds

If you can get a solid sleeper, you are good to go.

Think I may have worded it wrong my bad. Meant it more along the lines of it only depended on skill level which trick of yours would you feel would be the best to get you sponsored. Totally mis worded every thing.

I just feel like you are looking at it like skateboarding, ‘generally’ sponsors are gonna be looking for someone original who makes their own stuff.

I did a trick!
I can haz sponser now? ???

jk, just pokin fun. :smiley:

You could haz sponsor yessaday




Newly sponsored by smashing yoyo, can guarantee I did not get sponsored because of talent and that I concur with French with everything he has said. Companies don’t always want the coolest tricks, many times they want a person that is able to promote yoyos or is helping out the community in some shape or is promoting yoyoing (like I make an element series and a few tutorials on my YT channel which help people learn more stuff that has been recently been getting some, attention). as for trick I guess it’s the one I make tutorials for. Honestly if your doing something people like the Companies will come to you.

abby do you have a tutorial channel?

yup! kind of right now It’s like my everything channel and that’s how I’m keeping it!

If I own a yoyo company, I would totally choose to sponsor people who have ‘the trick’. I mean, it shows hard work, focus, and dedication towards a certain trick you really enjoy. And especially if he/she is asking to be sponsored, that also shows how much they love my company to the point of wanting to be sponsored.
I know a lot of kids dream to be sponsored because they have that one awesome trick they can do, I wish I could help them fulfill their dreams.
Too bad though I don’t own a yoyo company, I’ll change my mind when I do.