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I’m confused. I’m not good enough to join one but how do you get on company’s teams do the choose you from contests, You audition, or do you get draw from a hat?

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U have to win some of the bigger contests, like nationals or worlds, sometimes if you get 2nd or 3rd in a contest like that you can get sponsored. You just have to be really good. If a team, let’s just say yoyofactory, likes your performance, or thinks ur really really good, they can ask to sponsor u.

or if you know someone from the team they can try and get you on

Just have fun with what you do. Practice hard and don’t yoyo just to be on a team. Once you start playing in contests and winning people will begin to recognize your name. The more you build your rep the greater chance you’ll have being drafted.

it may sound cool getting free yoyos, but your limited on what you get and you can ONLY use that company and have to wear theyre shirt at all the contest, i dont think its bad at all, im just saying, its limited

Seeing as how little to none of the people in this thread are really “sponsored” there is a lot of false information. I’ll try to clear that up.

No. You don’t. Period. Companies can be interested in players for other skill besides sheer competition ability. While many sponsored players are good competitors, you don’t HAVE to win Nationals or Worlds to get on a team.

This may be possible, but if you have no potential or no skill, a company won’t see it all that wise to sponsor you, so just because you know someone on a team, there is no guarantee you will get on the team.

You don’t HAVE to wear their clothing. Your sponsors can’t force you to wear their clothing. They can perhaps kick you off if you wear another companies clothing, but you can wear normal cloths if you want.

well i know chris fraser and talk to him daily, he tells me stuff, im pretty sure he knows alot since hes on yyf

I forgot to mention it varies from company to company, but I’m also on General-Yo.

if you want to be sponsored by an established company, you need to be a yo-yo player who people know about and recognize, or express the clear likelihood of developing into that. some players are well known due to contest results or videos or even by ‘word of mouth’. yo-yoing is really small. most of the players/manufacturers who are perceived to be ‘the best’ have been around for a long time, are good friends, and communicate about up-and-coming players. if you haven’t done something to get on that radar, it’s very unlikely that you’d be seen as having the ‘exposure’ necessary to be worth a sponsorship. i don’t mean that meanly, but companies spend a lot on their players and it needs to benefit them. the bottom line is that you have to be KNOWN as a yo-yoer in some capacity (ideally NOT known as a jerk or tool, or as someone who begs to be sponsored).

bear in mind that sponsorship represents an agreement between the player and company that needs to be fulfilled. some companies actually ask player to sign a contract, while with others it’s very informal. some companies will only give you wholesale cost on product whereas others will pay you royalties/income, pay for transportation/accommodation AND give you free shwag. whatever the arrangement, this is done with the understanding that the player will REPRESENT the company and do what they can to develop the brand’s image. for some players, that’s an awful lot of responsibility to hang on yo-yoing. most players seem to assume that being on a big team is ideal, but unless you absolutely identify with the company and can really get behind it… it’s generally not worth it.

become a truly great player not so that you’ll be attractive to potential sponsors… but just to be a truly great player. with that kind of fulfillment as your reward, any other recognition or ‘stuff’ you happen to get from yo-yoing is just gravy.

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When I was offered a spot on team DTI, I hadn’t competed.

Most companies won’t just choose you because you’re an awesome player.  They’ll ask you to represent them if they see you as not only a good player, but a good person.  They don’t want a jerk who is good but gives the company a bad name.  That’s just bad publicity.

That being said, the company may choose you, but will you choose the company?  I got behind DTI because I felt that Mike stood for a vision of yoyoing that was similar to mine, and I felt strongly enough about that to accept the position.  I didn’t get chosen for skill, because I don’t have much.

You don’t just get chosen through skill.  But by what you know, and how you treat people, and what your felings are towards what yoyoing should be.

If you want a really good talk about this, check out this thread:

it’s like applying to a college, what makes you different from the other people? you might be able to win 1st place at a contest, but so can a hundred other people. if you stand out from the rest and a company recognizes your potential, then hey, you’re good to go. being sponsored shouldn’t be your main priority though… just sayin’.

then how did you get choosen? If you wern’t public about yoyoing then how would they know you?

then how did you get choosen? If you wern’t public about yoyoing then how would they know you?

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I’m lucky. I won’t deny it. I’m really lucky.

to quote your 66 rules
rule #XX: “Don’t accept a sponsorship from a company you don’t absolutely LOVE”


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