Little but doubts on sponsorship. Update 2 question.

This is not a how to get sponsored thread this is a question thread.

First question.

Let’s say you use A companies yoyo but you have mad skills. And that A company doesnt approach you. Will B company still approach you even though you are using A companies yoyo?

I had this 1 more question I forgot about it. I’ll edit this post with that question.

Edit. Let’s say a team has 10 players and one of those tells the companies head that this guy is good we should sponsor him.

Question is. Can anything like this happen or players dont care only companies head looks for players?

And I’ve heard that asking for sponsorship is bad. Is it really bad? I mean tell me why is it bad?

Of course another company can approach you, they don’t care what are you throwing now, they want you to throw their yo-yos :slight_smile:

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I think Bina hit the mark. You see it all the time where a pro from one company moves to another. I think sponsors want players who have both yoyo skill and the people skill to give others a good feeling about the sponsor just from a few minutes of interaction.

Yes I think that is correct

and it makes sense for companies not to care too much.
when you think about it, more than EVER before, every company kind of makes the same yo-yo. i don’t mean that to disparage the creativity of manufacturers, but if a player kills it with company x’s model, it’s practically a given that company y already makes a model with which they’d kill it as well. it’s a product of players’ desires becoming more refined and yo-yo technology getting ridiculously consistent.

the funny thing to ask is whether, when the products are starting to play and look more and more similar… does it start to nullify the need for sponsored players to be on certain teams? when kids are saying “man, i want to play like zach can on his ac2… or wait… like zach can on ANY YO-YO ON THE MARKET… ???” it’s like the idea of miguel cabrera endorsing a louisville slugger bat, when ALL of the bats have to conform to very specific mlb standards… and that guy could get hits with a plastic wiffle bat!

but yeah, companies look at players because of HOW they throw (and represent yo-yoing in general), as opposed to WHAT they throw.


The best example that I can think of regarding this was dennis ciquegrani. He was throwing almost exclusively one drop on ig and videos for a while, but got an offer from clyw.

He was also previously sponsored by Sorry Yoyo Co.

I think it depends on the company. I don’t think most companies would care about the use of a yo-yo. But, I have seen companies that do care when players seem to be representing another brand entirely, not just using their yo-yo sometimes.

For example, let’s pretend that you have a kid who wants to be sponsored, named Bob. Bob is representing one company to death, called Company A. All over his Instagram, Youtube, what he plays, what he wears, what he recommends, all seems to be Company A. Company B might like the kid’s style, and think he seems like a great person, but they know deep down, Bob would rather play for Company A and would fit better with that company. It just seems like his heart is with them.

If Company B sponsors this kid, Bob might just use them as a springboard to inevitably get on Company A’s competition team. That might be okay anyway, because in the meantime, it can be a win/win situation until Bob bails to another company. Or, Company B might be confident enough that they can turn Bob into a fan of the brand, who can represent the company well enough, and stop representing the competition so hard.

I have read a comment from a company owner, that they may have thought to sign a certain player, if he wasn’t representing another brand (not even sponsoring him) to that extent. Personally, I think a company should care what a player likes to throw regularly. If a kid has a case full of a variety of brands of yo-yos, that’s no big deal and not a turnoff. But, if the kid seems to be trying to get the attention of a specific company, and already looks like their sponsored player, it would be a huge turnoff. That’s just my opinion.

So, I wouldn’t think a yo-yo here or there matters, but I think they might be very interested in what you like to play regularly. Why would you want to be sponsored by a company, if you don’t even throw their stuff on a regular basis? :-\

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I have received my answer. And till now haven’t remembered the 2 one thanks.

I also heard not to just take a sponsor just because it was offered to you. Do your research before you say yes.

Yea you wan’t to make sure you like the company’s team since your gonna be one of the people on it. You want to make sure you like the yoyo’s because those are the ones you’ll be using. And you wan’t to make sure you like the theme and motive of the company because your gonna be representing it.

That’s an obvio only if you like the company you should accept the offer.

Don’t act like you know it all lol Just kidding.

I’ve put 2 more questions if you give me there answer that would be much appreciated.

Yoyofficer look

Players of course recommend new guys for team. It’s given they know more players in their local community(and more about them). Than it goes to few people on top of company to decide.

I got message on Facebook asking for sponsorship almost everyday, sometimes it’s random kids that never tried our yo-yos, made like 1 or 2 lousy videos, overall has nothing to offer.

But other times it’s from fans of our brand, that use our yo-yos on contests, makes videos with them, etc. Than you might start thinking about this player, follow him little bit more and see how it goes. Or you can just invite him to the team right away if he impressed you and has something to offer.

So I wouldn’t say it’s strictly bad, it depends on person and which brand you write to. Small brand like Yoyofficer might be open to these messages and think about them more. But companies like YYF or YYR will probably only listen, when some top end player will message them about changing team :slight_smile: They will not care about non-top players, since thay can pick ton of them whenever they want.