YYF Primo or ILYY Enigma?

ez all , thinking of getting a new metal, seen these 2 on the market, was wonderring wat the general concensus is.

Take your pick. Both companies don’t put out bad yoyo’s. These two are no exception.
I personally would go with the enigma.

I was very underwhelmed with the primo I tried, and not having tried the enigma I cant say if its better but I have only heard great things about it so I would go with the enigma

Both is great i belive.
But i more thinking like this;
There would be more run on the primo, and might be no more run for the enigma (considering the limitation of runs from ILYY).

I would go with the enigma then

I just bought the Primo so i should get it in about a week or so, im looking forward to seeing how it goes, I will write up a review when I get it.

;D thnks all, think i gotta pretty good idea of wat im gonna go for .