My First Metal

Okay, so I know that you guys probably are really tired of these kind of posts, but I need advice. I am getting my first metal and I am thinking about getting the ILYY Void. I currently have a protostar and the shape seems very similar. I like it because it is candy blasted, has an IRG, and I love the shape. I can’t go over $80 but I wanted to know if you guys thought that this was a good choice. If you know of any other yoyo that fits my wants please let me know. I am looking for something good at arm grinds, has an IRG, is not a rounded shape, has a pretty nice color, is medium to undersized, and is in my price range. If you can think of anything else besides the Void or want to give me advice please leave a comment. Thanks in advance.

ILYY doesn’t make bad yo-yos. You should be completely happy with it.

Yeah, I would go with the DV888 or Void.
The Campfire is a teeny bit smaller, so if you like small yoyos you could consider that.

I would say the Void but when the response is gone your going to have to re silicone it your self.
My other recommendation are: The 44 or boss if you can spend 85$.

I’ve heard that it plays very beastly. But I mean, it has a candy blasted finish, which is very nice for grinds, so you won’t regret it.

Oh yeah, do any of you guys know anything about the KMK bearing?

I think you should save your money and ether get dna or eight8eight.

Thanks for all the advice guys. I ordered the Void. I appreciate all the help.

I have and have used flowable silicone. I thought about the BOSS alot. I just liked the shape of the Void better. Thanks for the advice, though.

io notice noone has suggested the beysick. but i’d still go with a void.

Nice! I’m glad that you bought the Void.

Oh yeah, after you get it, can you kindly make a review?

Thanks in advance!

I can try! I haven’t made one yet, but I’ll give it a go. I’m gonna play it for a while before I make the review, though. So, it might take a little while.

you gotta start somewhere