which yoyo should i buy????

Hello i’m undecided about which yoyo should i buy i want a yoyo good for grinds, all metal with long sleeper time and with a price range of 0$ to 70$. i’ve already seen the yyf hectic and i’m thinking that i will go for him give other opinions.
sorry for my english i’m portuguese ??? ??? ??? ??? :slight_smile:


is he good for grinds???

http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/board,15.0.html maybe in that sectoin next time,
Theres not a whole lot of bead blasts in that range… But there definatly are some, the lunatic (nor any other fundemetal) are unfortunatly not. The beysick, doesn’t have the best coating, but it still is pretty good. Plus it would be pretty nice for learning mattador on. The void has a nice finish but thats $10 above your budget.


ooh, the dv888 is a wonerful yoyo, though i will tell you it doesn’t have any finish to make it grind longer. so it may not grind as well as you want it too.



yah, if your willing to spend another $10, the void would probably be the best option.

you should get a hectic
but the lunatic is really good to!

but which one is better the hectic or the lunatic

when your that close, it’s really a matter of preferance, it seems the hectic might be more popular, but that won’t meab it’s the best for you. Here’s what i’d do, i’d look at the shape and specs, and see which ones you like better. If you don’t have any spec preferaces, just look at both the shapes and see which one you like better. I personally would get a lunatic (even though the hectic would be better for thumb grinds).

i´m undecided between the hectic and the lunatic as my first all metal and ball-bearing yoyos

get a hectic, don’t make the mistake i did and spend half your time worrying about what yoyo to get, not everythrow is going to be a perfect buy, especially when your new, i’m pretty sure you’ll like the hectic.


your welcome! :slight_smile:
which one are you getting?

the hectic XD looooool :stuck_out_tongue: