Metalic Yoyo Suggestions


Hey there,

This is what I got up until now: YYJ Lyn Fury, YYJ DM2, YYF Protostar, YYF GrindMachine, YYF 888x, YYF Mighty Flea.
From what I manage to figure out is that I really like YYF yoyo’s much more that YYJ ones, so keep that in mind :).

Let me describe the perfect yoyo from my point of view:

So my favorite one up until now is YYF Protostar.I like the shape, I like that it’s so very unresponsive(not like my YFF 888x), I like the stability, I like the sleep time, I like the weight. What I don’t like is that I can’t do grind tricks because of it’s texture and also it is a bit to large for my hands.

On the other hand the worst one I’ve ever played with is the 888x, I think because of it’s shape…it is to responsive for me I can not do anything with it, also I found out that hub-stack’s are very noisy :P.What I really like thou, is the metallic touch and the way it grinds.

So…I am looking for metallic, no hub-stack, smaller version of the Protostar.

Any suggestions?
Thank you


your 888x is responsive? thats probably because it has a narrow bearing in it. or you have a knot. i very much doubt that an 888x is responsive


The ILYY Void might work for you. It’s got a similar shape the Protostar, but smaller at 52mm. But for grinding, you would want the older version, not the newer (Candodized) one.

If you wanted the same size as your 888x, then you could get a Nova.

But for your 888x, my guess is that you need to clean the bearing or something. It shouldn’t be responsive.


Nop im running with the large bearing…the way i test the resposivity is very simple…Plastic Whip…thats what I do with all my yoyo’s when i get them. 2 out of 5 times the yoyo returns when i try to land a plastic Whip :).
Also I have YYJ Thin lube and it doesnt change anything :slight_smile:


I didnt say I like de size of my 888x :slight_smile: but it’s ok…anything between 888x and Protostar would be ok thou


For 54 mm, a really nice yoyo is the ILYY Falcon. The Candyblast ones are great for grinding. It’s nice and stable and is not too light,not too heavy. The shape is different than the Protostar, but it is very comfortable. It’s an excellent 54mm yoyo.


ILYY Void looks so nice, i think it would have been perfect if not for the shiny paint job which makes me think twice about it’s grinding capabilities :frowning:
ILYY Falcon has a very similar shape as the 888x so ill say no to that one :slight_smile:

So yeah a sandblasted ILYY Void would be perfect, I also like that it has a 52mm diameter.

Anyone else has any other suggestions?


Thats because lube makes it more responsive.


The Falcon plays and feels completely different from the 888x. I actually don’t like the 888x very much, but the Falcon is one of my favorites.


Maybe try a sasquatch or Solaris? I love both of those as well as the Protostar.


Based on what you’ve said, I suggest the supernova… The severe is good too, but dosnt grind as well