$100 and looking for a Yo-Yo

Hello everyone! I am looking for a recommendation, and I enjoy everyone’s input. I recieved $100 as a present and was told that I had to buy a yo-yo with it (I love my grandma!). What should I get? To give you an idea of my tastes – I have a YYF DV888, Protostar, and Northstar, and HSpin Beysick, and a YYJ DMII. I really like the DV888 and the Protostar. The HSpin has a great size and play, but the silicon wears out too quick, and the yoyo does not play “dead” enough. The DV888 is a tad small, but it is useful in the technical manuvears. The Protostar is my all-around favorite, besides the fact that it cannot do any grinds; however, it plays amazing. The DV888 and Northstar play a little heavy, but the Protostar and Beysick play amazing.

There you have it. I am looking for something smooth, dead on the string, all-metal, and preferably something that does not have the tendency to play like a rock. I prefer normal to under-sized yo-yos, but I am open to any suggestions.

What do you mean by dead?If you like undersized, the dietz is great. It is fairly smooth,not much vibe.

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Try the… One Drop 54

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super G or G funk, will play well and have an awesome shape, and despite the strange wall thing, when you break it down its pretty simular to the protostar… or couple that with some other money and you could be looking at clwy s or one drops might do ya some good… take a look at the cafe racer or the dietz

just a few suggestions

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Smooth, light, full sized, grinds well, similar shape to protostar, $100 or under…

Sounds like a Burnside or a Code1 to me. You could also look at the <$100 ILYY yoyo’s.

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Hello Everyone!

I took down all your recommendations and thought carefully about what I liked in my current set. Then, I setup a mathematical formula that allowed my to attach a number value to the width/height ratio and the overall size/weight distribution. Then I narrowed it down further by budget – eliminating all yo-yos over $100.

The winners are:

[color=green]YYF Genesis[/color]

[color=orange]CLWY Avalanche Fool’s Gold[/color]

[color=red]Crucial Confection[/color]

Any suggestions regarding these three yoyos?

Thanks for all your helps so far, and I look forward to narrowing it down with you!

Of those three I would get the avalanche

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Does gap width influence responsiveness? My HSpin Beysick has a 4.1ish gap, and the CLYW Avalanche does as well. I do not like the Beysick because it does not play “dead” enough. The Protostar, Northstar, and DV888 all play really dead, but bind well enough (especially the “stars”). Would the Avalanche be a little too responsive?

i would go after the genesis, its a really stable yoyo and plays super smooth one of my all time favorite yoyos

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What do you mean by playing dead?

Emphatically unresponsive, but with a tight bind. This is a wonderful combination.

You should maybe check the bearing etc on the beysick. The 4mm gap is relatively large and fairly common on hspin yoyos. I’ve heard very few people complain that they were responsive.

I actually bought a kk bearing to remedy the situation and it improved a little, but not fully. I think it is the response system or something with the engineering. I have tried to communicate with HSpin twice about it. The first time, they told me, “It sounds like a technique issue with you.” I told them they were full of it.

I have 3 suggestions:
CLYW Fool’s Gold Avalanche
YoYoFactory G5
IKYO Agape (made by Icthus)

FG Avalanche is just amazing, as is every CLYW. G5 is really fun with the z-stacks. The Agape is just great. It looks cool and is really stable.

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Ouch! Try siliconeing it and clean the bearing, the kk might have some lube in it.

If you really like the protostar why not get a rockstar 2012? You know that you will like it (more the. The protostar) and that it is by a great brand. The downside to this is that you won’t really get to try something different.

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So, it has been a year and a half, and I have made two yoyo purchases since this post. I came to look at recommendations and reviews, and I was once again torn between the YYF Avant Garde 2, and the CL Avalanche. This post has helped me realize that I want an Avalanche!

LISTEN TO MEHHHH! Ok, good! I CANNOT recommend the MO-vitation enough! This is such an amazing yoyo for below 90 bucks! I would bail a good amount of my throws for one!