Yyf Popstar vs yyj Chaser?

I cant decide

Chaser for performance and speed

Popstar for fun

That’s bout it!

Can’t decide about darn near anything, can you?

Chaser all the way.

I did not like the Popstar at all. However, that’s my experience.

love my popstar. never tried a chaser

The Popstar is really small. That makes it harder to land on the string, and it also gives it less overall spin time and stability. My Chaser has a little vibe, but is more fun for me to play with because it’s more stable, easier to hit tricks with, and spins longer.

I don’t recommend the Popstar unless you’ve held it in your hand and know you like it, or if you’re looking for a novelty.

Good luck!

For novelty with performance, I find the Aoda Littles gives exactly what I want: BIG throw performance in a tiny package, yet uses full sized strings(anything bigger than type 6 would be too thick) and is unresponsive. Good balance, shape and weighting.

However, it’s just not as accessible and the places that ship these are slow!!

Mighty Flea is too small for me. But even so I like my Mighty Flea better than the Popstar.

Le me getting the chaser