Should I get a Popstar or venture into 5A?

If I can only get one of these right now, what do you guys think is the “smarter” choice?

So, either Popstar or a Speedaholic and Takeshi dice for 5A (unless that’s stupid and there are better alternatives…). Also, I currently have a Shutter for 1A, but thought a Popstar would be fun and help me clean up my style. Also also, I’m not that good at throwing 1A yet…is there a specified time where it’s “good” to branch out into other styles of play? Thanks guys!

If you don’t really care about dings you can use your shutter for 5a.


A popstar for 5a not a good idea. Get a Counter Attack for extreme stability. Really good throw. New Northstar is a good idea too.

I think he was saying that he would either get a popstar OR something for 5a.

This is correct. I’d want one or the other. And I’d rather keep my Shutter purely for 1A, at least until I’m more comfortable with 5A. I do have an old Velocity that i don’t care about though…

there are a couple really cheap popstars on the bst… like mine and so you could get one of those and a speedoholic and just make a counterweight out of a rubber bouncy ball and then it wouldn’t damage the speedoholic as much… or your hands lol

Oh sorry. I would still get something for 5a, it is fun to venture into different styles.

Yours seems like the cheapest Popstar on the BST. I may take you up on that actually…

sounds good to me, just send me a PM if interested.

Popstars are fun but I’d never recommend them for 5a because they are so unstable. Really frustrating especially if you’re learning.

like mentioned before he wasn’t planning on using the popstar for 5a

If you want to clean up your play pick up something that’s responsive with a thin gap. That’s how you smooth out play. I’m personally not a fan of the popstar since it has so much centerweight and runs a C size bearing. Micro throws deserve to run a smaller bearing like the Aoda Little.

I’d personally take a speedaholic over the popstar but I think the surge would be a better choice for 5A.

I find the popstar a great way to increase your accuracy, and what’s wrong with it having a size C bearing? it’s a fun little yoyo that’s great to enhance skill.

Popstar is the biggest waste of money please don’t buy. There are much better alternatives if your looking for a smaller throw.

i beg to differ. what’s better for a smaller throw? It’s already ton’s cheaper than the OD dingo.

Ok I think your best option would be to go with 5a. Getting a less stable throw isn’t the only way to get a better/cleaner technique. That just comes with practice.

he can do both if he gets a used popstar which he just bought mine lol soooo he still has enough to get the speedoholic i think and I sent him a rubber counterweight so he’s set.

I don’t know why y’all have popstar hate. I love the popstar, I only sold mine cuz I wanted a different color.

Just realized that lol. My bad

There are tons of minis better than the popstar :stuck_out_tongue: OD dingo completely destroys the popstar, the popstar deserves to be tons cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

minis cheaper than the popstar? like what? I’m just asking for examples

and the dingo is twice the cost of the popstar