best for 5a?


Right now I only have a POPStar, Onyx (plastic with hubstacks and concave bearing), G5, MVP, FG Avalanche, and Agape. I am learning 5a and i want to know which of these is best for 5a. I have been using the Onyx so far. I just started 5a yesterday because I got counterweights for xmas. And btw last night the dice cw hit me in the eye. I could open my eye but I couldn’t see for a few minutes. It’s all good now though.

(Owen) #2

Try them all out with a counter weight, see what you like best


Probally the MVP :wink:


i second that… the popstar will suck for 5a… it just dosnt have the stability for it… youll want a full size throw for counterweight… they naturally have better stability and spins



52mm Diameter. YYR E=MC^2

52mm YYJ Destiny

Totally false there.

As for my recommendation, I’d personally use the avalanche or the MVP.


I used to use my g5 for 5a. but then I took an arrow in the knee…
no, but then I got a magic t5.
try out everything you have and see what you like the best.
as others said though, mvp or avalanche most likely.


I would say the G5 mostly or the avlanche. If you watch some of Steve Browns 356 yoyo tricks he can do some insane stuff with Z stacks for 5A.