Should I get a Popstar or venture into 5A?

I think the main reason people don’t like the Popstar is because of the very low stability and the chunky metal sides (hardly any weight distribution, feels kinda like a rock on a string).

However, I still think it’s the best option for training.

I mentioned the Aoda Little in my post

It maintains better weight distribution throughout the entire throw and runs a smaller bearing to increase stability while still being cheaper than the popstar


Isn’t the aoda littles smaller than the popstar? I thought it was more mighty flea sized?

Secondly how could the size of the bearing make it more or less stable?

the diameter for the Little is 35mm where the popstar is 43 so it’s smaller

As for the stability I’m just going off my experience with the throw. It could just be the centerweight that causes it to be less stable.

yeah it’s quite a bit smaller, so in its size the popstar is pretty good for practice.

I thought they wanted something small to make things more difficult so wouldn’t a smaller yoyo that’s more stable make this better?

But too small is almost unplayable. The popstar is like the perfect width to practice accuracy without driving u nuts plus its not that unstable. I think it’d be more stable than the littles.

Honestly, any yoyo can be used for 5a. It just matters more on which yoyo you don’t mind dinging up the most! LOL

Popstars are cheap and if you are just starting the Popstar would probably be good. I used a C3 Token and did just fine. It is just a matter of finding a yoyo that fits YOUR preference. A stable yoyo would make it a lo easier though. :slight_smile: