I'm about to get into 5A, and I have a couple questions.

Hello, I’m about to order a couple things from the shop again and I’m interested in getting into 5A. For 5A, do you need to get a specific type of yoyo for it or will a yoyo like my MYY N12 work by just getting a counterweight from the shop? Also, how careful do you need to be when looking for a counterweight that will have the proper wight?

Any yoyo will do fine for learning 5A on

Although the dice is more predictable the bouncy ball is easier on your hand and yoyo so it’s all up to you in terms of preference

I’d start with the rubber ball but there’s a Duncan counterweight set u can buy with the ball and dice

i just bought a FHZ and got the 3 counterweights from that, using too light CWs will not work well at all, but you should be fine with a N12, i myself like pretty large throws for 5A