5A Counter Weights

I’m new to 5A and I’m to lazy to buy a CW. What weight does a counter weight need to be. . . I use a DM2 if that helps. . ???

It can be any weight that you like. I would take a large plastic die, drill a whole in it, and there you go.

just like a dice, ball, etc that the string can be attached to so you can let go of it when you yoyo

Anything as long as it attaché to the string

Also if you want to make one you can use a circular eracer or drill a hole into a bouncy ball or game die used in board games it’s all preference though

If you’re too lazy to buy a CW, I don’t think 5A is the style for you.

See, it requires practice. ::slight_smile:

You mean I should go through the hassle of ordering online when I can find something of equal usefulness right here in my home? Hmm. I know some pretty sick counterweights that were homemade. Paying shipping for something that cheap is also pretty silly…

I would just find a large die or bouncy ball and drill a hole in it. I’ve seen people use erasers too.

Erasers work, as well as lego people if you thread the string through the holes in their legs.
There are so many things that work, I could literally take anything within ten feet of me and use it.

Anything between 10-12 grams will suffice.

Its all preference. But, usually around 10-12 grams.
BTW, Elephark, best counterweight EVAR! :slight_smile:

I tried some 10-12 gram CW and they were too heavy, 7g is just perfect.

I use an astrojack ball :wink:

You can get those bouncy balls for a quarter on the way out of grocery stores and drill a hole through them. If you don’t have a drill, just use a long, pointy screwdriver. Also, buy multiple bouncy balls in case you mess up.

I started to make a ball from my used strings, and now it’s about the good size and weight for a counterweight… I’m gonna try it tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

Fortunately, I bought a Freehand (You can get 'em at your local Toys R Us), so I have the squirrel head counterweight (which me likes!). I’ve made CW’s with bouncy balls as well as trying a skateboard bearing (don’t try). Be careful with the bouncy balls though as some tend to split. My brother was looking for a CW but didn’t feel like buying a Freehand just for the CW (plus he doesn’t like plastics, not sure why) and we found out that when you drill, start with a small drill bit and work yourself up to a larger…my bro describes it as gauging your ear.

Action figure heads could work, maybe a couple weighted legos, or if you are crafty enough, make a rubberband ball CW.

I found a CW that works… I looked through my house and found a slurpee straw with a domo on it. Stylish and Functional ;D ;D

Show us a picture of it.