Raptor for 5A?

Anyone tried out a Raptor for 5A yet? Cuz’ I just might get a counterweight if it’s good/average for 5A. I do have a Shutter and a Speedaholic on the way but that’ll be in a month or so. How are those?

My Raptor is the yo-yo I use when it comes to 5a, it’s quick, easy to land on 5a tricks. It’s an amazing throw for 5a.

Anything that is good in 1a will be good in 5a. You just want a throw with good spin time, which now a days is a rare thing not to have in a throw. People do 5a all of the time Raptors, it’s nothing new. The Raptor is great. I’ve heard good things about the Shutter, but haven’t heard much about the speedaholic.

Just think of it this way. 5a was created by Steve Brown using a plastic $15 Freehand and yoyo’s have improved a million times since then. You’ll be fine with basically any modern throw you pick up.

Also, if you’re unaware of what the Raptor can handle, check this out. Tomas Bubak won EYYC back in 2011 with a Raptor. It’s not 5a, but it’s a heck of a freestyle and shows you the capabilities you can get out of it.

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Personally, I didn’t like the Raptor for 5a. The balance sened a bit “off.”

If you’re unsure of how the Raptor is for 5a, make a counterweight and try it out. A counterweight doesn’t have to be a dice, it can be anything as long as it stays on the end of your string. Also, because it’s the only yoyo you have, it’s the best one you could use for 5a :wink:
A yoyos capability in 1a generally reflects it’s capabilities in 5a. Pretty much 99% of the time, a yoyo that is good for 1a is going to be good for 5a. And the Raptor can 1a the pants off of most other yoyos.

if you’re goin’ to make a counterweight, rule of thumb is 7:1 ratio in terms of weight.

i use all my yoyos for 5a. and 1a. each one has a dif-ferent feel, i just adjust my play accordingly.

and lastly, if you’re concerned w/ dingin’ your yoyo…don’t play 5a.