What's the best new Duncan yoyo


Wich one is the best for general 1a style or 5a style


I’ve only tried the Raptor and Metropolis. I wanted to like the Metropolis, but it felt a little light. I like the Raptor for 1A and 5A more. (but then again, I stink at 5A).


Well, the new FHZ Pulse(the LED one) comes with a light-up counterweight, so I would think right there they are saying “hey, this is a 5A throw”.

Best? I can’t say for sure. Only the users can say what they like the best. I have one, but I’m not ready for 5A yet, so it will be a 1A throw for a while.


Hands down. Raptor. For 1a and 5a.

The new pad recessed FH2’s and FHZ’s are pretty sweet as well. But I’d take a Raptor over them anyday.


There’s so much positive talk about the Raptor that I had to add it to my list of items to try to get.


Dude you’ll be impressed.

I wish I still had mine…don’t know why I traded it off…it was powdercoated to.

With caps they run a bit heavy…I love heavier throws (67-69) but found the Raptor to be a little uncomfortable with both caps in.

Without them it’s a perfect weight and soo smooth. Although the edges can hurt some times.

(M.DeV1) #7

raptor is the bomb diggity!


BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, bomb diggity!!! I haven’t heard that in YEARS!!!

…but I do have to agree, LOVE MY RAPTOR!!!

(Sensei Dave) #9

I love my Raptor so much I even dressed up as it for Halloween! Dont get me wrong, my Metropolis is a massively sweet throw, but the Rap’ is much more versatile. Its also shiny. That’s extra points!

And yes, that is an IKEA kids table. I am with 3 of my 4 kids in the pic too!

(M.DeV1) #10

im living in the past with my speech and the future with my throws.