YYF OneStar vs Adegle PSG


Which one does everybody prefer? Which one spins longer?


I have a PSG and it plays great but its binds aren’t very snappy.


Well in that case, I might go with the onestar :wink:

(Jei Cheetah) #4

Spin time is irrelevant. Both are very well capable of doing long combos of any sort in great succession.

They are two yoyos that are tough to compare. Both plastics for a cheap price, and both “competition worthy”. The Onestar tends to be a bit more balanced if you are into horizontal play, but the PSG’s weight distribution feels a bit nicer and more solid.

Either way you go, you will be getting something that will last you a while.

Personally though, I prefer the PSG just for the sake of the wider color range options.



Who cares which one spins longer. On a good throw, both will get you through what you want to get through.

Both are fun, both are good. I do prefer the PSG, and of the PSG vs PSG Gem, I like the PSG Gem as it’s heavier. If you don’t like the response, then silicone it. Don’t like the bearing? Clean it or swap it.

The OneStar is a bit too light for my preferences, but it’s still a good yoyo. I just prefer stuff on the heavier side of things.

Haru Ray used to use these for 3A and 5A at contests before getting picked up by Mad House.


the onestar spins for like 45 seconds on a good throw. it looks kinda cool when its spinning. and it comes up (usually) on the first bind. not much to say…