PSG VS. ONEstar?

which one is the better contender? (Spin time, Horizontal, Stability and speed Are accounted for)

I haven’t played either but the shape of the ONEStar looks more like what your looking for I’ll be picking up 2 in a couple of weeks and the are both also fairly cheap so you could always get both and it would only be like $28

That right there is your answer… The Onestar, or both…

hAHA exactly I cant wait to get mine they look great and there a great price!

i like the onestar better because of the shape, spin time, and plays better horizontally.

ok, i ordered the ONEstar, but hows the weight/distribution and stability on this throw?


Depends what you like.

PSG sucks for horizontal and it ain’t a speed machine. Stable and long spinning? You betcha, but clean the bearing if need be.

I think the ONEStar is a bit on the light side, so expect reduced spin times but otherwise excellent play.

how long does the onestar spin?(i want a number please, not the “as long as you need to” answer)

As long as you… oh, wait…

okay then…


Seriously though, there really isn’t a number. Sorry. Many factors come into play that affect spin time. Not just the yo-yo, but the player, the tricks, the throw, the response, the bearing, the string, wind, solar flares, phase of the moon…

There’s just no number. :wink:


I would prefer the PSG anyday.

What kind of answer do you want?

My throw?

Andre’s throw?

Someone else’s throw?

What bearing?

What string length?

What string?


Lubed, dry, Dry Play? Cleaned or not?

I can guarantee you any throw by Andre will beat me by a long shot on a sleeper, and probably on doing combos too.

Honestly, the OneStar can get you through darn near anything. I wouldn’t try to push the limits of this one as far as spin time are concerned. I say this because it’s lightweight, you’re not going to get the same insane spin times as a lot of other stuff. Even so, you should have no problems with 20-second plus combos if you play it clean. You might be able to get longer if you’re a better player than I am. I’m not very good though.

I will say that on a casual observation, the PSG seemed to spin longer than the ONEStar, however, they seemed close. Maybe tomorrow it’s reversed.

I hate the psg and think its a piece of poop. Gem series one is ok though.

Onestar all the way!