Differences and opinions for ONE and onestar

I have decided to buy ONE or onestar what do u suggest me ? I’m beginner with small experience in responsive yy.

OneStar is a killer deal. If you want it to play responsive, put a drop of thick lube (or a couple drops of thin lube) into the bearing and it will play responsive for a while. When your ready for unresponsive play just clean the bearing and play with it clean and dry.

Ive spent plenty of time with the One and the OneStar, OneStar is better in every way for just a pinch more money. You would need to buy the Upgrade kit (about 10$) to make the One play unresponsive when your ready.

What dust said i don’t like the one its too small i learned binds and many other tricks with the onestar it was my first unresponsive throw

Well i was thinking of onestar too. But one has extra bearing for unresponsive play. My question is, is it possible to make onestar responsive for some time?

It is possible to make it responsive. As mentioned earlier, just add a couple drops of thin lube or a drop of thick. That should do the trick :wink:

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i am about to buy onestar but one has extra baring thats my dillema. with the thin lube i dont think its very effective :confused: . what are the main differences between those yy ?

First off, why do you think that thin lube would not be effective?

As far as the differences, the weight, the shape, the feel on the string. One feels cheap, too light and very little stability. Unless your very young, or very tiny, i dont recommend it.

OneStar has better weight, better stability, better playability, better feel on the string. Its not really a contest, there is no slot that the One does better than the Onestar.

Just learn how to bind, and be done with it. Its worth the effort, but again, take any unresponsive bearing, flood it with lube, and its will play responsive.

Your worried about this too much. Get one and go play!

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hmm i think u are right, im afraid of unresponsive yy because i have never play before , but u have right i will buy onestar thanks so much !!!

You are going to love it! And if you cant get the bind down, its super easy to make it tug responsive with lube, and just as easy to clean with a great number of common cleaners to remove the lube to play dead unresponsive again! for the price its hard to beat.

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Except responsive play. If you like responsive play, the One excels at it.

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Accurate. I stand corrected.


Thanks all of u. That was very helpful :wink:

Welcome to the community. You’ll have a blast!

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I’ve always had a soft spot for the ONEstar. YYF’s star-shaped plastics (excluding the StarBrite) were some of the yoyos I used the most for a long time. The ProtoStar is like the oldest brother that impresses everybody. The NorthStar is the middle brother, he’s a little heavy and that’s put some people off even though deep down he might be the best one. Then you’ve got the ONEstar, the little brother that’s fun to hang around with but you probably wouldn’t take on stage with you.

If I were to extend this analogy, the ONE would be the baby brother that cries a lot and can’t do very much, and whose general shape and characteristics makes you wonder if he didn’t have different parent(s) altogether from the other three brothers. You made the right decision.

thanks all of u for your opinions and advices. Today received my onestar and to be honest im very excited,im in beging level so my requirements are not very hight , im very contented for what i have :wink: