yyf one!

ive seen that these came out today but not on yye when are they coming here…

i dunno but i just bought one on that OTHER OTHER SITE

Releasing this evening here! Fedex Ground was late or it would have been sooner! :slight_smile:

yes so ill have time tonight to order one. < lol “one”

ooh! yay! good thing i got distracted while i was ordering, during that post. now i will be able to get it from the place that ships the fastest!

i have refreshed this page so many times waiting for it to say " The new yyf one"

but what of the replay…

The ONE has arrived!

You should all buy one.

Get it.Get it?

I got it! Not sure if any “ONE” else did though…

I got an orange one!

Well played… Well played…

Just order mine getting the lime green and my friend got the black so were going to swap halves…

I might get it if it plays good, but at th moment it seems kind of light for me. Yes I know it’s only $10 but I really want to try a Dv888 and I’m short on cash. So is it a good plastic.

ya it is… 56 grams means nothing it might feel light but it spins for a long time.

That was sneaky… It’s both an orange one, and an orange one

One of these days this joke will get old.

Can every’one’ stop these puns no’one’ likes them…

I’ve created a monster

SomeONE must stop it >:0

That better be the last ONE! >:(