this came out of nowhere

anyone heard of the new yoyofactory ONE. its a plastic yoyo coming out the week after next week. i think this deserves a discusion

http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=6719 i hope the link is okay, im pretty sure they dont sell anything.  post away!

I have one. It reminds me of a lyn fury. Ita a pretty sweet little responsive yoyo.

Hmmm, that’s too bad.

What is wrong with a Lyn Fury? I am curious to the actual specs on this, I tried to follow the polish link on yoyoskills but it said the product was no longer available. I will be keeping my peepers peeled, shame though, still waiting on that tax refund :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Comments on YoYoSkills are pretty entertaining haha.

At first sight it looks like a Lyn Fury, but you you look at some details you can see that it is quite different. I’ll definitely consider picking one of these up.

I don’t know the specs but here it is compared to some other throws.

Just never liked them. Maybe my expectations were set too high when it was originally hyped as an all plastic Hitman. Size and shape are the same, but they play radically different.

The one is more like a dual Oring kickside. If it plays like that then i’m interested.

I think it looks like a mix between a speedmaker and a lyn fury.


i really cant help my self to not to say this.
it maybe inaccurate, but i think there’s already three name for this yoyo;
aoda rapid rotation (i have one), aero yo katana, YYF one.

again, it maybe inaccurate. just bring up something to discuss. ??? ???

where did u all get them. how much $ ???

You never know. Maybe he got it at a contest for any price, Ben, or in a trade. You never know.

weight 55,88g / width 38,33mm / diam. 53,36mm / gap 2,66mm / bearing .250x.500x.125 / response type: silicone pads

it’s a brilliant beginner throw, let it be beginner thrower or modder

YYF One review and photos (french, sorry)

again, I wouldn’t do the same mistake with the miracle/superwide, they may look the same but they’re definitely different throws, I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same with this one vs aoda ones.

This might be a throw i would buy for friends so they could start yoyoing.

I haven’t played a YYJ ONE… but I think I have played similar yoyos.

The axle system is what worries me. Cheap nut and bolt if I’m not mistaken.I don’t think it can delivery anywhere near what people will be expecting from YYF.

I’ve tried one it’s nothing special but It didn’t stick ou to me very much