[YYF ONE] Removing Caps

so, hi again:)
i’ve read that i’m able to remove these plasticcaps at the side of the yyf one, but i can’t imagine how to and i also don’t want to scratch them. i’ve tried to inform myself in the internet, but couldn’t find anythig related to this, darn you internetz!
so, can anyone please help me?:slight_smile: want to get my own artwork under these caps.

Just use a suction cup a NERF dart might work (never has for me but I’ve heard people say it does). I use a little black suction cup that is meant for removing a light-bulb. or if you have a hook in your shower with a suction cup on the back small enough.

umm, sorry. my english isn’t that well, could you explain how this would work and do you mean a dart arrow?:smiley:

These are what we call “suction cups”

You lick it, then stick it on the side cap and pull. Get one just a bit smaller than the cap for best results.

Don’t try. You CAN get them out but back in is a nightmare.

Not quite a nightmare but certainly more trouble than it’s worth. By the way Ben, didn’t there used to be an instructional video for the ONE with Tyler in it? I tried finding it on youtube but can’t seem to track it down.


if you cant find it ill explain in words for you

take the half with the axle in it and push the axle straight down hard until the cap and cardboard piece comes out. make sure you do this on a hard surface so you know it comes out. Then take the axle out of the half and put the axle in the half with the cap and spin it on tight. Then repeat the step where you push the axle down till the cap comes off. It works just fine. And when you get to the point where you want the caps back in just push with your thumb or i use my house key to get it to click in all the way

now i understand, thank u.

EDIT: woowowooow, getting it back in is quiet hard…

yeah see it gets a bit difficult at times i have two one is bad and the other isn’t.

any other tips for getting it in?

Shoulda listened to Ben. He knows… :wink:

get a water bottle and push. That’s all there is to it. :slight_smile:


He wanted to do this, http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,50035.0.html

so, here it finally is…:smiley:

EDIT: sorry sirnaq, didn’t see, that u have already posted the link.

No problem, just trying to help out