Sigma Blade Zwei Caps

Hi guys,
I got a sigma blade zwei but received no suction cup. Are there any other ways to take the caps out, or does some one have a extra suction cup that they can give me?

Ummm. YYJ yoyos do not come with a suction cup. You need to go get one yourself. As for the other ways to get a cap off, you can use duct tape and stick it on the cap and pull. That should do the trick.

I tried that, thanks for the help, but it didn’t work its still on ???

Did you pull straight up? If so, you need to pull diagonally with the sticky side of the flap facing diagonally down. That should do the trick.

they still wont come off >:( i don’t own a suction cup strong enough, tried duct tape, tried electrical tape, >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

should i just use like 20 pieces of duct tape and then pull?

How wide is the duct tape? It should be pretty wide and should cover most of the cap for more surface area. Also, do you have a nerf gun? You can use three well placed darts (in a triangle) and pull them at the same time.

You can find soft plastic suction cups at many hardware stores, such as Home Depot. Because it’s soft plastic, you can cut it with scissors just enough that it fits nicely inside the rims.

Right!!! Or… you can do it my way. Take a knife, go slash. Poke a plier through the crack, and pull.

Please get parents to help you do this part, unless you are of acceptable age to be using a knife.

If you really really want it out and duct tape isnt cutting it go the fork/knife route… But make sure you spread the tape all the way a cross and smooth it out and cover as much of the cap as you can

thanks guys, i will try all of your ideas, and make a trip to home depot. Also i covered all of the cap with duct tape however still no luck. Soon i might get really angry and just use the knife method or chuck it at a wall

Don’t chuck it at a wall. :stuck_out_tongue: If all else fails, break the cap. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha yeah i was just joking

Thank you all,
I tried all of your methods but eventually just used Batryn’s idea of the knife.

I’m glad it worked out. :smiley:

make a prison shank and shank it


You could have just put a little bit of soapy water on the suction cup…

I poked a little hole in my x-con cap, not slash the thing, or once it came out when I dinged the yoyo really hard on the ground and it came off O.O yoyojams are amazing, Instead of the yoyo actually dinging, it actually destroyed the blacktop a little.