Raptor question

I cant get the caps off my raptor does anyone have any advice?

I got it off with a very, very, very small screwdriver.

For all my Duncan caps, I use a thumbtack because the round needle thing doesn’t leave marks on the yoyo and grips the cap very well.

Aaah, I had the question too. Here. You use a very small object, and thin. Like an Exacto Knife. Then slide it in the gap between the cap and the yoyo ridge. Turn the knife (or whatever you’re using), sidways to pry the cap out. It does take a fit to get it out.

A safe method would be to use a suction cup that you can get at the hardware store. Those raptor caps are made of such poor and brittle plastic that you can potentially harm not only the caps but the finish of the yoyo as well when you use sharp objects. Try the suction cup.

You can try this first, but my Raptor didn’t work even with the biggest suction cup in my hardware store. And the suction cup cover the whole cap and even with a strong adult, no result. But maybe this may be the situation for my Raptor but it didn’t work.

And to OP, be careful with the sharp knife but if done correctly, it’ll only scratch the side rim of the plastic cap which you can’t see and be careful not to touch the metal.

Well i found a old suction cup in my house and first try they popped off with a good tuk.

COOL! It works for me so I knew It’d work for you. Also works on yoyojams which are notorious for cap removal.

Use a suction cup from a nerf dart, or u might have a suction cup I’n your shower, thOse work well

i got a very very small bit of metela cerved the end a bit and it works and dosent leave marks