My caps are stuck!

My caps on my Duncan Raptor are stuck. I sucked them out before but I pressed one of the caps real hard and now it’s stuck. I can play it, but I don’t like it. Anyone know why it’s stuck?

I am using a suction cup but my bigger suction cup is at school.

does the cap has like a little whole thing on the end of it anywhere just wondering cuz the pic of it makes it seem like it.

Hole? In the picture there are 5 holes. Well they’re not whole, they’re kinda like injection holes.

oh well i tried a peice of duct tape for my new breed caps and they came off so try that … :wink:

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get a pin or knife and pry it, thats what i do and it works like a charm

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Wet the suction cup before you put it on the cap.

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Oh yes yes YES! Thanks a LOT. Mike, you basically almost saved my yoyo, THANKS!!

Also, thanks other people, I appreciate your fast replies!