YYF ONE - Gacek Edition W/Extra Center Trac Bearing!


I’ve never noticed this but I thought I would share this: the YYF ONE is in the champions collection and it comes in a special edition in honor to 5x Polish national champion; Mateusz Ganc, also included with a center trac bearing all for $9.99! This reminds me of the Ann Connolly Whip but I think some of you probably either have it already or might prefer the ONE. ;D

There is also still over 300 to be sold so I thought I would share this since there probably aren’t many of you that know about this. :wink:


There was a thread about this before… I ended up picking one up. It’s a fun throw, however the one issue I had were the caps…they were bloody hard to put back in. Other then that nice throw. I used the center trac for my dv888 :x lol


I want but I can get I’m broke ;(


Is this or the classic… The classic wins by a mile run.


I’ve never tried a classic…sadly I’m the only one in my area that throws so anything I wanna try I have to buy. Sadly I do only have limited spending money for yoyos…(stupid bills :,(


Well from another perspective, the One comes with a CT at almost the same price as just a Classic without anyone extra.



I prefer the Asteroid. I hate all these super big and lightweight budget throws.

Why cant there be a budget throw with some actual wight behind it?


Have you TRIED a Classic? It’s not the heaviest thing on earth, but it packs some punch!


Yes and sold it. I know that people love it and I respect that, but it was so huge I sold it a month after having it.


I don’t disagree with the huge part, but rather with the lightweight part. It’s plastic. The weight either comes from having more plastic or from weight rings. Weight rings add cost.

Haven’t tried an Asteroid, but if the PSG is any sort of spiritual and performance sibling, you can keep it. :wink:


I like the PSG, loved the Asteroid when I had it. It’s SO amazing.


I ordered one last night, no since and not getting an extra yoyo (for better or worse) for the same price I’d pay for that bearing alone.


I got my gacek ONE a few days ago. I liked it as a beginner responsive more than an unresponsive. As unresponsive it’s binds seemed a little slippy. A like its size though, nice comfy cozzy in my hand. I also like the extra CT bearing, and the bright green string it came with.


I like mine a lot, both as responsive and unresponsive. When I want to show someone how to yoyo it’s perfect with the slim bearing - tug responsive and can take 3 layers of string. I use a SPEC bearing instead of the Center Trac though because as stated, it slips a lot on binds. The SPEC seems to alleviate this problem a bit.

I’ve posed the same question in the past. AC Whip/Gacek One is less than Center Trac bearing by itself at most places. Bizarre.


finding unintentional pun ;D

but I haven’t tried the new version of the ONE but I own a 2011 which was before yyf redesigned the shape and still have it. I will eventually pick up a One and see how I like the redesign.