Can someone please tell me which 2 bearings come with the Gacek ONE?

A neighborhood kid got one and was having trouble getting it to return with the “responsive” bearing in it. I gave it a try and confirmed that the standard bearing was unresponsive, I tried to look up if the Champions Edition ONE came with a non-responsive AND a Center Trac but haven’t really been able to find a definitive answer other than the Gacek one has a free upgraded Center Trac bearing.

Anyway, I showed the kid how to bind and he seemed happy with that, especially after watching me throw and bind after every trick. :smiley:

I was just curious if anyone knew for sure what 2 bearings this yoyo comes with?

A thin responsive, and a center trac!

Well the thin responsive is non-responsive which is why I was wondering. Thanks.

I didn’t get a thin, responsive with mine. Just a POS, c-sized bearing.

Some thin responsive bearing and a Center Trac.

The center trac is decent but I’d say the one is not good as an unresponsive yoyo the thin bearing is decent but the yoyo overall isn’t one of my favorite.

If you are looking for a responsive yoyo I’d get a classic from yoyojam, but if you are after a good inexpensive unresponsive yoyo then pick up a surge also from yoyojam; both of these yoyos are worth every dime of the asking cost and play extremely well. I’d put the classic (either as a responsive or unresponsive) and the surge on par (as far as play, balance, and level of fun had while playing) with yoyos costing 2 and 3 times as much money.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Velocity. Best beginner throw out there.

Slim responsive bearing and center trac

That’s is your opinion; I don’t understand why you took my statement personally as I never stated the classic was the best but I did say it was a great yoyo for the price. So for my money the classic is my go to as a recommendation for a beginners yoyos; the price and build is awesome and surely doesn’t play like a sub $10 yoyo also I really like the fact that the classic is made in the USA.

The surge is a great beginners unresponsive yoyo for the sale reasons as the classic (bang for your buck, made in the USA, ect.) so again I’m sorry you took my statement so personal, nothing against yoyo factory, but for the price point and quality I will recommend the two yoyos above for reasons already stated.

A note to the OP I do own the gacek one, classic, & the surge so I’m not just making things up I own and play with all three a lot.

jyust lube the thin and it’ll be responsive again

The responsive bearing is called a Half SPEC Bearing people…LOL.

But I too have trouble with its responsiveness. Try lubing it :slight_smile:

@Phuizon: Thick lube, or it will not do much. 8)

Well thanks for the recommendation snafu, but the kid already bought the yoyo in question, so I am just working within scope. :wink: For a kid knowing nothing and ordered a yoyo because he saw me tossing my OneStar around one day, I’d say the ONE with responsive/non-responsive options out of the box is a good introductory yoyo, it’s cheap enough that it’s not a big deal if it gets hurled into concrete or interest is lost but decent enough to get a good feel for the mechanics of the whole yoyoing thing.

Then definitely run some thick lube into the bearing and it will become extremely responsive :slight_smile: I just put the tiniest drop in my kids classic last night and it became super sensitive to even the slightest tug.

Yeah, next time I see him I will have to show him how to lube the bearing. I just found it odd that my non-champion edition ONE was pretty responsive with the smaller bearing, oh well quality vs quantity and all that.

Thanks for the replies.