Anybody else notice...

Okay so I was looking around at the new releases because I was bored and just wanted to look at what’s new, so I click on you YYF One and realized that there was a special edition, the Gacek Edition,
Then I also realized it came with an extra Center Track bearing for only $10! Which was weird because a normal Center Track is $11. So you get a YYF One and a Center Track for a dollar less then just a Center Track. Anybody else notice that or only me?

So my next order I will be ordering 2 YYF One’s since I need some extra bearing and the best part I’m going to try learning 3A without damaging my 1A throws!

Whips are the same


Yea it’s a killer deal! :smiley:

Same for whips, its pretty funny, whenever u want a center trac bearing, just buy the whip and u getthe bearing for cheaper and a free yoyo :smiley:

So I’m not the only one good :slight_smile: Does it matter what color Whip you get for the extra Center Track?

I think the ann one only.