Here’s my onestar review!

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You upgraded the bearing on a budget plastic? Why?

About the moving axle, yyf uses a similar axle system to Duncan in some of their plastics, and the Caps don’t hold it completely in place.


Why not? “Upgraded” doesn’t mean expensive. Center trac can help a lot.

Cool review man. I would recommend outlining the points you want to hit beforehand, help you to stay on point, you rambled a bit.



he’s got it and thanks for the advice


10 dollar bearing on a 15 dollar yoyo seems kinda silly to me.


Still cheaper than putting a $10 bearing in a $35 yoyo.

Just don’t know why you care. xD



I don’t care, I’m just wondering what the though process was. Its not like yyf ships with low quality bearings.

(Owen) #8

the thought process was: “Hey, I want my $15 yoyo to play better, why not get a better bearing!” and it’s not like he can never take the bearing out of the onestar and put it in a “non-budget” yoyo.

seems pretty simple to understand to me.


Btw 1.the bearing was warn out 2.It was a $4 bearing


What bearing? How do they play?


My favorite cheap replacement is the Buddha Whipple. Very good centering bearing for $5 (in the 4-pack, like $7 each alone).



ya that’s what I have.

(major_seventh) #13

They do, at least with my experiences with the flat SPEC bearings.

They always break after about a week or so.