Instead of buying a new yoyo, can I just buy a better bearing?

I have a yyf ONE and my mom doesn’t want me to buy a new yoyo. Should I just buy a center trac bearing or koncave bearing instead?

That more than likely will not have a major effect on the yoyo. Save your money.


A new bearing makes your yoyo no different than it already is.

While a new bearing can certainly increase performance, you’re better off just saving your money up for a cheap metal. In the mean time, practice practice practice.

yes…invest more time into yo yoin’ - not yo yos.



…their all great advice and practical…

but here’s my advice save some money and buy the bearing ( concave )

…i have 3pcs kk bearing, 2pcs 10 ball bearing, 1pc center track bearing… and i’m sure some yoyers have more

just start saving

what kind of bearing do you have in it? if it’s the thin, then yes, buy a bearing, but i would buy a 10 ball, i think their the best

If you get a really good bearing you can use it for years and switch it from yoyo to yoyo.
I have had a terrapinx for more then two years and it is just like when I got it.
I like to ride MX, I get the best I can get. I don’t think it will make you better rideing a piece of junk

A new bearing can only help you a little bit.
You should really just save money for a better yoyo.
Get a Raptor or a DV888 :slight_smile: They’re budget yoyos but sure play great!
If you still dont have enough money, Get a protostar or a northstar!