New Yoyo or upgrade current with new bearing?

Umm… should i get a new yoyo or upgrade my kickside with a new bearing?
I’am just about to start learning advanced part 1 section

The kickside can be modificated a bit. And if you’re on a low budget, or fell like you don’t need a new yoyo yet, a new bearing is a good investment. If you buy a better bearing, you can use it when/if you buy a new yoyo. It’s your choice, if you feel the kickside is not good for you, or if you’re just craving for something else to throw, then you might consider a new yoyo. But the kickside is good and it will probably get better with a new bearing in it. As said a new bearing will always be a good investment.

yeh im not really sure cuz i like my kickside but dont wanna get a new yoyo just yet so i’m gonna wait and see which bearing to get unless a lot of people say a legacy…

In my experience (I’ve played with everything on your list, probably owned 3+ of everything except the ceramics) specialty bearings do not have a very noticeable affect. I think your money would be better spent on a new yoyo, or any supplies you may need.

ok thx for the info :slight_smile:

All bearings play pretty much the same; save your money and buy a really nice yoyo!

Woah! Andrew Robinson is now on YYE? I love how this community is growing.

Anyway, I think your gonna have a hard time getting a Dorothy, seeing as how they are out of production :-
Still, I think you should try to get a new yoyo. A Kickside is great, and if you really want a bearing upgrade, I highly suggest a 10ball, or a KK.

I’m going with with Samad. the 10ball has a REALLY good spin time and the smoothest bearing i’ve ever played with.


look, a kickside is great in all, but as far as low budget yoyos, get a legacy, it suits most preferences and will last longer than many yoyos

I would recomend going with the legacy its not much more than one of those good bearings. It will also give you better experience with yoyos and make you a little more well rounded.

If you do get a Legacy or something like that, make sure you can bind return! ;D

dont worry i can bind :o