KK bearing or a new yoyo?

Hi I have one yoyo a DV888 and I wanted to know your opinion on which would be better. A brand new yoyo or a ceramic KK bearing for my DV888? which would be the next logical step I guess for beginner to advanced tricks?

New yoyo. U don’t need ceramics for advanced tricks.

is there really a huge difference in say going from a fundaMETAL to a higher end metal yoyo?

There really isn’t.

Buying new hardware also won’t make you better in any way. You can’t replace practice with money.

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mrcnja I liked that.“You can’t replace practice with money”.
So true.

that is my new siggy, i call it!

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I would buy a new yoyo, b’cause, when you hav 2 yoyos, and with 1 is sth inncorect, or if its borken, or if the bearing isnt clean, you allways hav the 2 one : - P

I think out of those choices a new yoyo. Maybe try a new style like looping. Although a dv888 is great for you learning advance tricks.

I have been yoyoing for a long time and I have never bought a new bearing for the sole prupose of improving anything. Honestly I have only bought 4. They went into yoyo’s I had that were without them.

Ceramic bearings are a total waste of money. The world record sleep time was done without a ceramic bearing so…

hahaha ok then what is a good high end yoyo then? for $100 or less


if you liked the shape of the Dv888, than the BOSS would be a perfect choice.

I wouldn’t say that ceramics are a complete waste if your objective is easier maintenance. The Terrapin just requires compressed air and no lubing. In my limited experience so far, performance is only improved in that it doesn’t seem to need cleaning as much as my all steel bearings. My ceramic KonKave is only a backup for me because I don’t like how the KonKave sometimes makes binds loose/slippy. I haven’t had the Terrapin long enough to make a proper judgement, but I much prefer it to the ceramic KonKave.

In summary, I’d vote for another yoyo instead of a new bearing. Personally, I’d look for a yoyo that plays differently from what you already have. Variety is the spice of life.

go for the ceramic, I had it in my HitMan for almost a year and plays uber smooth.

I was thinking of that one because I like the 888 but I don’t like the hubs