Yoyos for advanced+ tricks

I am looking for a yoyo that has to be under 50$, must be metal rimmed or all aluminum, or all metal. I am trying to learn advanced tricks with a kickside yoyo and is not working to well :(. Any suggestions on what yoyo i should get? I have been thinking of getting dark magic ll, dv888, or raptor, but I want to get the best one for advanced tricks. Thanks for your suggestions :smiley:

Of the 3 I would take the DV888. If you can spend a little more or find a cheap one in BST a BOSS will treat you well all the way up.

Actually, I would say Raptor. Some people say that Raptor is smoother than the Dv888.

Yes, if you go around and search, you will 99.999999% chance come up with Dv888. It’s just over-rated.

Raptor just came out recently and I find it very good. Almost vibless, smoother than my yoyo’s, great for grinds. Neither have a ridge for thumb grinds.

I would say Raptor. Also comes with removable caps and 2 extra response pads.

If i had the money i would buy a dv888

Dv888 cause of the gap and the price. I loved my dv888 before it died :frowning:

well the dv888 is actually 5 bucks more than the raptor and raptor got wide variety of colors but to me the raptor beats any bi metal and the dv888

YOYOJAMizm i was not comparing the dv888 to the raptor.
But if i WAS comparing to it the dv888 has a wider gap and width.

Who said YOYOJAMizm was refering to you? He might be refering to the OP.

For much more detailed information PLEASE ask “Preinfalk” or “Acavando”. They have both and are great info givers.

Guys I think I will go with the Raptor, dv888 is more popular, but raptor is a pretty new release. Thanks for the advice. :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile:

I have one more question before i get the raptor. My friend says, “do not get anything from duncan, they sell cheap yoyos.” I have no idea where he got this, but i trust him and i want to know what you think of duncan. Thanks :slight_smile:

Well when non-throwers think of duncan they only think of the imperial
I do not think they are cheap because of heard some good stuff about the MG,FHs, FB, and the raptor.

Like Treyos said, when people think if duncan they think about the imperial or the butterflys,but the raptor is a great yoyo.It’ll come responsive (i think) so you might have to clean the bearing to get it unresponsive.Duncan makes great throws, but its mainly your preferences if you want to try it out or not.

Yes, there are many rumors of that Duncan sells crup. But not until there is a LARGE sized bearing yoyo that is at an EXTREMLY unbeatable price and can play as well as $100 yoyo`s. That is a great deal.

And dont worry, if you ask around, most people will say Dv888 is much better than the Raptor. But most likely they havent even tried a Raptor.

Duncan makes alright yoyos, there are just two problems I see with them.

1.) Response system. Duncan makes all of its yoyos use their proprietary pads. The pads don’t last very long, and they aren’t cheap. Plus, it can be difficult to find just the right pad setup for your play style.

2.) Bearing. Duncan uses size A. Almost no other company uses size A, so if you get a Duncan and then decide to buy a new bearing for it, you’re pretty much locked into Duncan yoyos with that bearing. (It would suck to buy a $30 ceramic KonKave size A, then buy a more expensive YYJ or YYF later on and then have to drop another $30 for another ceramic KonKave)

Other than that, the actual yoyos are pretty high quality, though on the somewhat lower end yoyos the axles can come loose. (I reference the notorious Metal Zero)

A-Bearings are fine with me though. Cause unless you are picky, it’s ok. People loke to swap it out with a CT or 10 ball or Ceramic or AIGR bearing but it doesn’t really affect the yoyo much. Like you cam shove me a Power Brain and I can still bust out cool tricks but of course that yoyo wouldn’t be ideal.

And for the response, just learn to silicone. Siliconing it can save you quite some money. And it’s fine (again) as long as you know how to silicone. It’s easy to learn to silicone.

Yeah, basically those are the only problems with Duncan.

haha I would agree ;D ;D

You can do advanced + tricks with any yoyos, even the plastics under 25. Check the Bimetal Yoyojam line, there are a lot of very nice ones like the Hitman, Hitman Pro, and even the cheaper alternatives will get you through tricks. It’s best to learn with a yoyo that doesnt hold your hand, I like to think, that way when you whip out something that will behave no matter if you throw it at an incoming truck things will be that much more easy.

Dv888 is a nice choice, as people before me have made well and clear, however its also not the most high quality yoyo in the world, and it’s on the small side. Personally, I throw a Primo almost 24/7 but nothing I know about yoyoing can exclusively be done on my Primo. Heck, pretty much everything can be done on a stock Kickside. For a lot of the tricks, as long as the yoyo doesnt snag aka has a nice clean bearing and some nice string, you should be all set.

Since you already HAVE a Kickside please take a look at my review and details regarding modifications and such of the Kickside.

Well, I read your review, a great review. But i have only been yoyoing for about a month. I have absolutely know clue about bearings, cleaning them, or shaving them down. I still have the bearing it came with, and my spin time for a kickside yoyo is 1 minute. I do not have anything to clean or shave the bearing down. I have a few questions. Would it be cheaper to fix my kickside so that it has a long spin time by cleaning it, and shaving down the bearing, ( this may include getting a speed bearing.) Or would it be cheaper to get the raptor , and then a new speed bearing? If its cheaper to clean it and shave it, then what do I need to clean and shave it, and where can I get these things? Thanks in advanced :).

Please read a bit more closely. The only things that need to be done are cleaning the bearing (Tutorial video linked in the review at the bottom) and shaving the o-ring rubber response which also has a video showing you how in the review. Both those things will cost you no money. The only thing you need tyo clean a bearing is paint thinner. Mineral Spirits. Its cheap and it will alst you a long long time and manyh many many cleans.

Mi, I like your idea too, but I have my rights to bust my opinion out there hehe.
I’d actually get a new Raptor or Dv888. The bearing that comes with the Raptor is steel, not stainless. So it might be a bit more hassle because there is a higher risk of rusting unless you can dry it and lube it within 2 min.
If you can’t, buy a new bearing. (As you said). So just under 50 bucks you can get a Raptor and a SPEED bearing. Or if you really don’t like the work, just get a Dv888.

But anyhow, I, IMHO, would still recomend you to buy a Dv888 or Raptor rather than serverly upgrading a Kickside.

Mi, just in case you mis-understood, I don’t mean any offense to you.